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In the NinjaWiki version of their tower defense, you have balloons going through the predetermined route and your “towers” are monkeys, armed with a modest arsenal. Darts at first. But tacks, ice and bombs are all available types of monkey as well. Not to mention the costly and effective “super monkey”. Those balloons won’t stand a chance when you release him upon them!

Balloons Tower Defense 2 version, you get a few more potential monkeys and utility options. Including road spikes, glue and a boomerang, that can take out two balloons at once and curve around corners! The infamous super monkey retains his position as the most powerful defensive option your money can buy.

Balloons Tower Defense 3 version, all the previous monkeys and other defense utilities make their appearance, but you get even more still! You now have the option to purchase and upgrade a spike-o-pult, a monkey beacon that increases the range of your other monkeys within range of the beacon, a pineapple a la time bomb, and a top secret monkey that you have to purchase to found out the mystery!

Balloons Tower Defense 4 version contains several more towers and enhancements to your defenses, most of which now need to be unlocked in-game before you can found what they are. Don’t worry though, there is a “dartling gun”. Basically a machine gun that simply mows down those pesky balloons!

The Balloons Tower Defense 5 and final version not only features new defense mechanisms, but also loads of new general features. Being able to create an account with NinjaWiki to post your high scores to a leaderboard being one of the more exciting features. Don’t forget about the new ability to earn medals either. Make sure to wear your sunglasses when viewing it!

All of these can be played directly through your internet browser! Connect to the internet to start playing the very first version. And while you’re at it, look around the site for another quick and easy games you may enjoy during your spare time.

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